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Total Station RTS655-R300 / RTS685-R500 Easy-to-use keyboard, Data download and upload, Large internal memory and convenient file, Advanced distance measurement. Total Stations is a complete site solution which allows surveyors of all technical abilities perform accurate, efficient measurements with minimal fuss. Used to measure distance and to read slope distances from the instrument to a particular point. Used for land surveying, engineering, construction and by law enforcements for crime scene investigation. The Total Stations internal processor enables the user to preform several surveying tasks including staking out points, measuring coordinates while making calculations, information storage and large data transfer.

Power long reflectorless measuring distance 300m(R300)/500m(R500), Bluetooth cable-free connection, 128M internal memory, 120000 points and 40 jobs can be saved, Can be operated with a data collector, FOIF FieldGenius, or other third party software is available Environmental protection Alphanumeric keyboard


Length: 156mm
Image: Erect Objective
Aperture: Φ45mm
Magnification: 30x
Field of View: 1°30'
Shortest Focus Distance: 1.0m
Angle Measurement
Reading System: Absolte encoder
Angle Unit: 360°/400gon/6400mil, selectable
Display Resolution: 1"/5"/10"(or 0.2mgon/1mgon/2mgon)
Accuracy: 5"
Distance Measurement
Laser Class (IEC60825-1)
Reflectorless: Class 3R
Reflective Sheet/PR60: Class 3R
Prism: Class 1
Measurement Range (Good Condition)
Reflectorless: R300 (Default): 1 to 300m; R500: 1 to 500m
Reflective Sheet/PR60: 1 to 800m Single Prism: 1 to 3000m
Accuracy Prism: 1.5mm+2ppm
Reflective Sheet/PR60: 3mm+2ppm
Reflectorless: R300: 1-150m: 3mm+2ppm;≥150m: 5mm+3ppm; R500: 1-200m: 3mm+2ppm; ≥200m: mm+3ppm
Measuring Time
Prism: typ.1.0-1.5s
Reflective Sheet/PR60: typ.1.5s
Reflectorless: typ.1.5-5s, max.20s
Display Resolution (m/inch selectable): 0.2mm/1mm
Temperature Input Range: -40℃ to+60℃ (1℃ steps)
Pressure Input Range: 500hPa to 1500hPa (1hPa steps)
Prism Constant Correction: -99.9mm to +99.9mm
Range: ±3'
Level Vial Sensitivity
Plate Level Vial: 30" / 2mm
Circular Level Vial: 8" / 2mm
Optical Plummet (Factory Optional)
Accuracy: ±0.8mm/1.5m
Image: Erect Magnification: 3 x
Field of View: 4° Focus Range: 0.5 to ∞
Laser Plummet (Standard)
Accuracy: ±0.8mm/1.5m
Laser Class: Class 2/IEC60825-1
Laser Spot Size/Intensity: Adjustable
Laser Wave Length: 635nm
Focus Range: 0.5 to ∞
Battery: 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable
Output Voltage: 7.4V DC
Continuous Operation Time: 12 hours (at +20℃
Charger: FDJ6-Li (110V/240V)
Charging Time (at +20℃): Approx. 4 hours
Application Programs
Data collection/Stake out/Resection/REM/MLM
AREA/Point to line/Z coordinate/OFFset
Display: LCD, 4 lines x 16 characters (64 x 128 dots)
CPU: 32Bit
Memory: 128M, 120000 points, support SD card (optional)
Keyboard: Alphanmerical keyboard, both sides
Weight (include Batteries): 5.1kg
Dimensions (WxDxH): 175 x 178 x 340mm
Operating Temperature: -20℃
Storage Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃
Interface: USB/RS-232C/Bluetooth
Water and Dust Protection: IP66 (IEC60529)

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