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DT-405 Digital Theodolite is an electronic theodolite with digital angle measurement unit. The Theodolite is used for measurements in the field of surveying, railway, construction, mining and civil engineering. Optionally with optical or laser plummet. Equipped with rubular Level and bubble Level for quick leveling up. Switchable between Grad, GON and MIL. Includes Digital Theodolite Instrument, Instrument, Carrying Case, Charger and Rechargeable Battery, AA Battery pack, Tool Kit, Rain cover and Instruction Manual

Display on two sides for easy reading of the angular values.
Large and easy to read numbers on the display.
Inclusive tribrach.
Integrated function for checking and adjustment in the field.

FOIF DT-405 Digital Theodolite Specifications
Protection/Laser class: IP54 / 2
Dimension: 153 x 175 x 340 mm
Weight: 4300g
Magnification: 30
Accuracy Angle: 5''
Accuracy Laser Plummet: ± 1,0 mm / 1,5 mm (only 15104000)
Lens Aperture: Ø 45 mm
Shortest Focusing Dist.: 100 cm
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C

DT405L - Features:
Electronic Theodolite, Magnification: x30, Minimum Reading: 1”, 5” and 10”, Compensator, Laser Plummet, Absolute Encoder, LCD on both sides, Display Measuring Results of Horizontal and Vertical Angles at the Same Time

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