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Drafting Compass and Dividers
PiCo brand drafting compass, dividers, proportional dividers, drafting compass sets and beam compasses are for both students and professionals.

How to use a drafting compass:
To draw arcs or circles on architectural plans or engineering plans, a compass is used. One arm of a compass has a needle, or shoulder needle. The other arm contains drafting lead. To draw a circle or arc, first adjust the width, or spread, of the compass. Then place the compass needle at the center of the circle where the two center lines intersect. Rotate the compass to draw the line. This is accomplished by twisting the thumb and forefinger. During rotation, lean the outer edge of the compass in the direction of the movement. The drafting lead in a compass should be sharpened to a chisel point. This will result in a line of even thickness during rotation. The compass lead must be soft (F or HB) so the circle can be drawn with dark object lines.

How to use a drafting divider:
A divider is a tool used to compare sizes of drawing elements. The ends of a divider are placed on a section of a drawing or against the scale of a ruler. The divider is a tool for comparing sizes, dividing line segments, and measuring distances on drawings.
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