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Artograph LED Light Pads & Boxes
Take your projects to the next level with the new LightPads. The super-bright, maintenance-free LED lamps provide cool, even illumination and last up to 30,000 hours. The surface is double-layered for firmness, and encased in a durable extruded aluminum frame. LightPads feature a compact 5/8" profile. They include a power supply, AC/DC adapter, and a protective storage sleeve. LightPad battery sold separately.
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PORTA-TRACE / GAGNE 36 X 48" LED Light Table With Four 5000K Lamps  - PiCo Professional Light Box,24 x 36" with 4 Lamps,Gagne Porta Trace Large 24x36 Lightbox,Gagne Porta Trace Large 24x36 Light Table,Gagne Porta Trace Light table
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