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Tools for Accurate and Quick Paper Cutting and Trimming At, we offer you with the qualitative range of tools that are efficient in cutting and trimming paper, reprographics, flat media and films. Made to perfection, the German made paper cutters trimmers come in variety of sizes, ranging between 14” to 59”. Following are the kind of paper cutting and trimming tools we have in our inventory at 1) Cutting Mat – Our range of Cutting Mats is designed for both straight utility and rotary knives and features self-healing, non-glare surfaces. The range also ensures you with products of utmost professional quality, with metric and imperial graduation. 2) Guillotine Paper Cutter by Dahle – We now offer German manufactured range of Dahle Guillotine Paper Cutters in Canada. These industrial sized cutters are designed specifically to ensure your safety during the large format operations. Apart from safety, it also possesses certain features like cutting several sheets of paper at once; prevention for unauthorized use; inch and metric measurements for precise cuts; amongst many other features. 3) Rotary Paper Trimmers by Dahle/PiCo – Our range of Dahle/PiCo manufactured Rotary Paper Trimmers are efficient in cutting large format reprographics, card stock, photographs, blueprints, and others. Our range of rotary cutters at includes trimmers, trimmer stands, replacement trimmer blades, replacement heads and assembly, etc. 4) Heavy Duty Stack Cutters by Dahle – Our range of Dahle Stack and Ream Cutters are designed specifically for the ability to cut a large stack of paper and card stock, about 200 to 700 sheets, without much effort. Available in diverse cut lengths, this range has built-in safety features and ensures utmost accuracy with its scale bar printed in inch and metric measurements. With us, you can expect the most qualitative range of paper cutting and trimming supplies, within an affordable price range.

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